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Kyle Querec

Kyle Querec: Composer

Kyle was born in New Jersey. He began studying music at age seven and started composing at eleven. After studying for ten years with Juilliard trained Dean Powell, Kyle was accepted into the prestigious Berklee College of Music .

Since graduating Kyle has composed music for the film, television, and fashion industries. Since meeting Audrey Arbeeny in 1996, when they worked on their first (of many!) Olympics projects, Kyle has been a producer and composer for three Olympic games and has scored everything from orchestral music to children's music while at Audiobrain. He has recorded in the best studios in New York, Boston, Nashville and Prague, where he and Audrey Arbeeny recorded a 100-piece orchestra for the Major League Soccer Official Anthem in 2007. His versatility is always accompanied by an innate ability to be honest to whatever genre he is composing.