April 4, 2019

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Audiobrain Founder and Executive Producer Audrey Arbeeny was interviewed by Dan Madinabeita, Head of Brand and Design at Informa on his podcast series FUSE Calls. In each episode of FUSE Calls, Dan speaks with “disruptive design and brand strategy leaders across the globe.”

Dan and Audrey spoke about her background in music therapy, her study of psychoacoustics and biomusicology, her experience in helping shape narratives as a music supervisor for nine Olympic broadcasts on NBC, and why sonic branding is more important than ever in a “sound-first era.”

Dan and Audrey also discussed her passion for music education. Audiobrain is excited to kick off FUSE 2019 by partnering with Project Osmosis to lead a sonic branding workshop for the 2019 FUSE Scholars, the next generation of designers.

Audiobrain has been a proud sponsor of FUSE since 2011, and are excited to once again design the sonic identity for FUSE 2019. This year’s conference “Brand, Design, & Business: A New Unity” will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Bauhaus movement.

FUSE will be held from April 8th – 10th at Chicago’s Radisson Blu Aqua Hotel.

Watch and listen to the episode here: https://knect365.turtl.co/story/5ca4f8cce062957762e01ffc#!/page/1

More information on FUSE here: https://marketing.knect365.com/fuse/

To learn more about Project Osmosis, visit: http://projectosmosis.org/