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Audiobrain is recognized throughout the world as a leader in sonic branding. We are a sound consultancy specializing in sonic branding and interactive audio. Our excellence in these areas has garnered numerous awards, and speaking engagements; in addition to a client roster including some of the most prestigious and respected global organizations. We’ve seamlessly lead complex, multifaceted projects, from our Emmy-Award winning music supervision for NBC’s Beijing Olympics Broadcast (across the NBC’s 7 networks, NBC online, and NBC OnDemand), to prototyping complicated audio environments for McDonald’s, to product sonifications such as Microsoft’s Xbox 360.

Moreover, we have knowledge, resources, and capabilities to complete complex projects on an international scale. For example, our Colt IVR project yielded an interactive voice response system, created in 17 languages, for which we set criteria, procured locally, recorded, and implemented. Furthermore, we have been asked to educate on the significance and implementation of a sonic brand strategy throughout the world. 

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Audrey Arbeeny Owner/Executive Producer

Audrey Arbeeny

Owner/Executive Producer

Sean Thornton Composer/Production Lead

Sean Thornton

Composer/Production Lead

Matt Barile Production Coordinator

Matt Barile

Production Coordinator

Jay Rothman Composer

Jay Rothman


Mitchell Yoshida Composer

Mitchell Yoshida


John Kallen Composer

John Kallen


Andre Gutierrez Director of Brand Strategy

Andre Gutierrez

Director of Brand Strategy

Dunja Pantic Graphic Designer

Dunja Pantic

Graphic Designer

Kyle Querec Composer

Kyle Querec


Todd Schietroma Composer

Todd Schietroma


Brandon Sack Brand Researcher

Brandon Sack

Brand Researcher

Andrew Touhey Brand Researcher

Andrew Touhey

Brand Researcher

Marisa Brown Production Assistant

Marisa Brown

Production Assistant

Amber Wright Production Assistant

Amber Wright

Production Assistant



All of our team members, including six composers (all highly awarded and recognized in their field), have significant experience within the sound development industry. Together, we will work on your project from the initial stage of brand research to the final development of audio production; continuously working until the correct sound is delivered at the highest quality. Owner and Executive Producer Audrey Arbeeny, also a trained musician, has 17 years of experience in the audio production field. She has overseen initiatives such as 5 Olympic broadcasts, and has lead the sonic branding team for Xbox 360. Moreover, she regularly conducts audio research studies to continually improve Audiobrain’s methodology and validation for the use of audio as a branding tool.

Our diversified team of composers, producers and managers ensure a and capable sonic branding partnership.

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Audiobrain places a great deal of emphasis on client satisfaction, and has a consistent reputation for exceeding our client’s expectations. We constantly conduct evaluations at each checkpoint to monitor and adapt our position, in order to satisfy the goals of our clients. To maintain high client satisfaction, we conduct exit interviews for each completed project. We have worked on many challenging international projects, where our understanding of diversity in both sound perception and cultural specifics were of paramount importance. In addition, we have managed tight deadlines for projects such as the Xbox 360 and the Olympics. A delicate balancing act in which our success is attributed to: our professional staff, methodology, system development, project management, and global understanding. 

Audiobrain has a 100% client return rate, and for good reason. While many companies can compose great music, they may not possess proven branding expertise. On the other hand, others may know branding lack interactive, technical or coding experience. Few will look to the bigger picture and continually grow by teaching and researching. We are confident that as recognized experts in a variety of fields, we will institute the best and most appropriate skill set possible to your sonic branding initiative.