October 10, 2018

Counterpace_app logo.png

Audiobrain is proud to announce our new client, Pulson, as we collaborate on the design of the sonic experience/UX integration for their revolutionary fitness technology Counterpace

Pulson’s Counterpace technology aims to synchronize your gait with your cardiac cycle phase to improve your workout and is steeped in many years of medical research and design. 

This collaboration aligns with Audiobrain's Mission Statement: "TO EMBRACE AND ADVOCATE FOR THE POWER OF MUSIC AND SOUND TO PROMOTE WELL BEING.” We are extremely excited to be working on a project that will significantly enhance the well being of many and is fun to use as well. We’ve been using it here and it is amazing! 

Counterpace is available now from the iOS App Store. For more on this fantastic technology visit: 


To read the study in the American College of Sports Medicine Visit: