Audiobrain's Audrey Arbeeny Speaks at the Power of Audio Summit

September 24, 2019

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Audiobrain’s Founder & CEO Audrey Arbeeny participated in a great panel discussion entitled A Brand Strategy, In Audio during yesterday’s Power of Audio Summit, presented with NPR as part of this year’s Advertising Week conference in New York. The panel was moderated by President & CEO of National Public Media Gina Garrubbo and featured Audrey, HBO’s Sabrina Caluori, 360i’s Abbey Klaassen, and Spotify’s Bob Walker.

It was great to be a part of this panel and to have an entire day devoted to the incredible power of sound. Many thanks to our moderator Gina Garrubbo, the other great panelists, and to NPR for an amazing and informative Audio Summit!

Brand ManageCamp 2019

September 19, 2019

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Audiobrain is proud to have sponsored another successful Brand ManageCamp conference in Las Vegas! This year’s event was the best yet, with a great new venue at Caesar’s Palace, an incredible lineup of speakers, and tons of valuable marketing insights!

We got to meet a lot of great people that are excited about sonic branding and even heard an amazing performance by Grammy-winning songwriter & artist Steven Lee Olsen! Many thanks to our Chief Brand Strategist Len Herstein and the rest of the BMC team for hosting such a great conference!

For more information on Brand ManageCamp and highlights from this year’s event click here.


September 6, 2019


Audiobrain Founder & CEO Audrey Arbeeny joined Bradley Metrock for the latest episode of the This Week In Voice podcast. Audrey and Voiceflow CEO Braden Ream joined Bradley to discuss some current news stories with an impact on voice technology and conversational AI.

Thanks to Bradley and Braden for the enlightening and informative discussion! Check out the full episode here.


July 25, 2019


Audiobrain’s sonic branding collaboration with Voice Summit was a huge success and the sound experience we designed for last night’s event was just right! 

Audiobrain provided custom sonic branding for this year’s conference, including the development of a unique brand theme, the design of a branded sonic experience, and more! Audiobrain’s Founder & CEO Audrey Arbeeny was thrilled to participate in this year’s event as an audio strategist, guest speaker, and award presenter! 

Audrey and Shark Tank winner Shane Cox, inventor of the Qball presented the final award at Wednesday night’s ceremony and Audrey joined Emily Binder, Scott Simonelli, and Maikel Van der Wouden for a panel discussion lead by Mary Alice McMorrow entitled Sonic Branding: The Sound of Success. Many thanks to everyone at Voice Summit AI and special thanks to Pete Erickson for his vision, time, friendship, and commitment to sonically branding this year's event! Check out some highlights below, including a live performance of the Voice Summit brand theme composed by Audiobrain!

VOICE Summit 2019 Opens in a Big Way with Sonic Branding by Audiobrain

July 23, 2019

VOICE Summit 2019 opened with a live band playing the conference’s branded theme composed by Audiobrain! Modev and VOICE Summit founder Pete Erickson announced the conference’s official sound identity and enlisted the audience in a call and response activity!

Erickson stated that every voice matters and should be heard, and he emphasized his point by engaging the audience in what effectively was, sonic branding in action in real-time. The audiences’ voices became part of the brand theme.

Audiobrain is so proud of this collaboration and excited for conference participants to hear more elements of VOICE Summit’s custom sound identity as the conference continues. Thanks to Pete Erickson and the whole team at Modev!


July 22, 2019

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Audiobrain is proud to be the official Sonic Brand & Experience Sponsor of VOICE Summit 2019. Audiobrain has collaborated with conference organizers Modev to create the conference’s branded audio identity, which will be unveiled throughout the conference.

Audiobrain Founder and CEO Audrey Arbeeny will join Emily Binder (Founder & Voice Marketing Lead, Beetle Moment Marketing), Scott Simonelli (CEO, Veritonic), Maikel Van der Wouden (CEO, Voice Branding) and Moderator and Tech Influencer Evan Kirstel on the panel Sonic Branding: The Sound of Success on Thursday, July 25th, 2019 at 1:00 pm.

More information on VOICE Summit here! And don’t miss Audrey’s interview with Modev’s Founder, Pete Erickson.

VOICE Summit will take place July 22-25, 2019 in Newark, NJ.


July 12, 2019


Audiobrain founder & CEO Audrey Arbeeny is thrilled to be speaking at this year’s Voice of Healthcare Summit at Harvard Medical School! Audrey will discuss the science of sound and its ability to advance wellness & improve patient outcomes.

Audiobrain has always been deeply invested in the intersection between sound and wellness and has lead several initiatives in the healthcare sector, including recent work in surgical robotics and heart/fitness medical devices. Audrey will discuss the emotional, scientific, and branding aspects of sound to emphasize how impactful sound can be in any health and wellness initiative.

Please join us at this amazing event and many thanks to Bradley Metrock for this opportunity! 

Click here to learn about The Voice of Healthcare Summit

Audrey Arbeeny Interviewed By Pete Erickson of Voice Summit

July 9, 2019


Audiobrain founder & CEO Audrey Arbeeny discussed sonic branding in the “voice first” era with Modev CEO Pete Erickson, creator of the world’s largest voice event, Voice Summit. Audrey is one of 350 industry experts that will be speaking at this years’ event, which will be held in Newark, NJ from July 22-25th.

Audrey will join Emily Binder, Scott Simonelli, and Maikel Van Der Wouden on Thursday, July 25th for a panel discussion moderated by Evan Kirstel entitled Sonic Branding: The Sound of Success. This expert panel will share many insights to help your brand stand out sonically!

Click here to view Audrey’s interview with Pete Erickson and learn more about Voice Summit 2019 here.


June 14, 2019


Audiobrain is teaming up with VaynerMedia at the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity to explore how brands can create a consistent sonic identity across all touchpoints with music, sound, and voice. Audiobrain’s founder and CEO Audrey Arbeeny will join VaynerSmart VP Patrick Givens on June 20th for an in-depth discussion on emerging touchpoints for audio and how today’s brands should approach sound.


June 11, 2019

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Audiobrain founder and CEO Audrey Arbeeny was the featured guest this week on’s podcast, hosted by Bret Kinsella. On this episode, they discussed the major rise in voice technology and how important it is for companies to begin sonic branding. With rapid changes in today’s technology, it is important to stay ahead of the game. Take a listen to their insights below:

Audrey Arbeeny of Audiobrain Talks Sonic Branding and the Rise of Voice - Voicebot Podcast Ep. 100

Audiobrain Reflects On Successful Sonic Branding Workshop with Project Osmosis

April 24, 2019

The Audiobrain team had a blast at this year’s FUSE conference. In addition to providing branded audio for this year’s event, we listened to many fantastic speakers and heard cutting-edge design ideas. The biggest highlight for us was our sonic branding workshop with Project Osmosis. Audiobrain has always supported and advocated for music education so this was a great opportunity to teach the next generation of designers about the importance of sound in modern branding.

Design students had some fun remixing one of Audiobrain’s award-winning brand themes to explore how instrumentation affects brand messaging and the expression of sonic identity. The Audiobrain team really enjoyed sharing our craft with these young designers!


April 4, 2019

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View the full interview here

Audiobrain Founder and Executive Producer Audrey Arbeeny was interviewed by Dan Madinabeita, Head of Brand and Design at Informa on his podcast series FUSE Calls. In each episode of FUSE Calls, Dan speaks with “disruptive design and brand strategy leaders across the globe.”

Dan and Audrey spoke about her background in music therapy, her study of psychoacoustics and biomusicology, her experience in helping shape narratives as a music supervisor for nine Olympic broadcasts on NBC, and why sonic branding is more important than ever in a “sound-first era.”

Dan and Audrey also discussed her passion for music education. Audiobrain is excited to kick off FUSE 2019 by partnering with Project Osmosis to lead a sonic branding workshop for the 2019 FUSE Scholars, the next generation of designers.

Audiobrain has been a proud sponsor of FUSE since 2011, and are excited to once again design the sonic identity for FUSE 2019. This year’s conference “Brand, Design, & Business: A New Unity” will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Bauhaus movement.

FUSE will be held from April 8th – 10th at Chicago’s Radisson Blu Aqua Hotel.

Watch and listen to the episode here:!/page/1

More information on FUSE here:

To learn more about Project Osmosis, visit:


March 20, 2019


Audiobrain has been a proud sponsor of FUSE since 2011, and are excited to once again design the sonic identity for FUSE 2019. This year’s conference “Brand, Design, & Business: A New Unity” will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Bauhaus movement.

Prior to the conference, Audiobrain will lead a sonic branding workshop for the 2019 FUSE Scholars. These students have been selected by FUSE and Chicago-based Project Osmosis, an organization that “creates programs and initiatives that identify, develop, and support young people from minority communities with demonstrated abilities and skills, in the applied arts.”

We’re excited to work with Project Osmosis to share our passion for sonic branding and music education with the next generation of designers. Music education has always been part of Audiobrain’s mission. Audiobrain Founder and EP, Audrey Arbeeny, teaches sonic branding at the Pratt Institute in addition to mentoring graduate design students and guest lecturing at SVA.

To learn more about Project Osmosis, visit:

FUSE will be held from April 8th – 10th at Chicago’s Radisson Blu Aqua Hotel.

More information on FUSE here:

AUDIOBRAIN feature on voice and sonic branding published on VOICEBOT.AI

AUDIOBRAIN feature on voice and sonic branding published on VOICEBOT.AI

March 04, 2019


Here's our guest blog on which overviews the opportunities that sonic branding brings, including music, sound design and voice. A little history, backstory, and plenty of opportunities! Special thanks to our colleague Bret Kinsella of for helping us educate on this valuable branding tool for unified brand storytelling.

Audiobrain Partners With FUSE To Sonically Brand Their 2019 Conference

February 28, 2019


Audiobrain is thrilled to announce that we have partnered with FUSE to design the sonic identity for their 2019 conference, Brand | Design & Business: A New Unity. The conference will be held from April 8th – 10th at Chicago’s Radisson Blu Aqua Hotel during the 100th anniversary of the Bauhaus, which set the international standard for modern design with an emphasis on technical progress and social responsibility.

In support of our focus on education, we are particularly excited to announce that Audiobrain will also be leading a sonic branding workshop for Chicago youth prior to the FUSE conference in partnership with Project Osmosis – Chicago’s leading design education organization, which “creates programs and initiatives that identify, develop, and support young people from minority communities with demonstrated abilities and skills in the applied arts.”

 The top speakers at this year’s conference include a few of our colleagues and executives from IBM, Facebook, Johnson & Johnson, Coca-Cola, and Target. We are very excited to hear our colleague Debbie Millman’s keynote address on Day 2 of the conference! Debbie, host of Design Matters, is the Chair, Brand Design at SVA and Audiobrain’s Founder, Audrey Arbeeny, is a longtime mentor and lecturer at this program.

We cannot wait to be apart of an event that strives to improve the dialogue between the design and business communities while sharing with over 300 senior brand, design, and business leaders! If you would like to sign up or learn more about the FUSE 2019 conference and the events that will take place please click the link below!

Toshiba's System 7 Self-Checkout Was A Hit At National Retail Federation Big Show With Sonic Branding By Audiobrain!

January 24, 2019

Toshiba System 7 is Open_IMG_2247.jpg

It was very exciting to finally hear our sounds in Toshiba’s new System 7 Self-Checkout at NRF in New York last week! Audiobrain created the sonic branding strategy and branded product sounds with our Toshiba Partners over many months - one of the best teams we have every worked with! System 7 Self-Checkout is getting rave review already: new design, great UI/UX, and a new sonic experience! It was great seeing some of the team, watching the huge crowds that came by, and hearing all of the positive responses! Thank you to all at Toshiba who worked tirelessly on this initiative for being such amazing partners!

To learn more about Toshiba’s System 7 Self-Checkout, click here

VoiceFirst.FM Announces Winners of This Year’s Alexa Awards

January 16, 2019

Alexa awards.jpg

VoiceFirst.FM presented the Alexa Awards last night at this year’s Alexa Conference in Chattanooga Tennessee. Congrats to our colleague Bret Kinsella of Voicebot.AI on his win for Commentator of the Year! Audiobrain is a proud sponsor of Bret’s Voice Insider Newsletter.

 Read more about The Alexa Conference here and check Voicebot.AI for Bret’s amazing insights into this emerging technology!

NRF 2019

January 15, 2019

NRF 2019.jpg

The 2019 National Retail Federation convention was packed with innovative brands, emerging technologies, and exciting new products.

Highlights from this year’s gathering included the panel on AI technology sponsored by our colleagues at Google, Microsoft’s Voice of the Customer exhibit, and IBM’s exhibit of its industry-leading AI platform Watson. Congrats to our clients for being featured at this year’s event.

 See the full event recap and highlights from this year’s NRF here.

Audiobrain Clients Honored At CES 2019!

January 12, 2019

CES 2019.jpeg

This year’s CES conference was all about connected devices, AI, VR, and AR. To quote our colleague Bret Kinsella, “voice integrations are like a thousand points of light in the night sky – too numerous to count!” There were lots of novel product integrations with practical applications abound – hybrid models are all the rage.

 Congratulations to our clients Whirlpool, KitchenAid, and Jaybird for bringing home 2019 CES Innovation Awards for their new products. Audiobrain is proud to have our sonic branding featured in these award-winning offerings and we look forward to future collaborations!

 Find out more about CES and check out highlights from the 2019 event here.



We’re so excited that CES2019 has arrived in Vegas!! Over 180,000 people here! Several of our clients are debuting their new products with sonic branding created by Audiobrain! From appliances and smart homes to voice-driven tech and AR, this year will bring huge advances in audio-centric technologies. Our clients Logitech, KitchenAid, IBM (today’s keynote!), Whirlpool (and many more), are leaders in many fantastic trends that CES will be featuring! We’ll keep you updated on where to hear our sonic branding throughout the show!