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Product Sonification & Voice Branding: Jaybird

Jaybird_logo with name.jpg

Audiobrain worked closely with Jaybird to help articulate their brand’s sonic identity and to create unique audio assets for their line of innovative wireless headphones, including product sounds and voice branding.


We developed a palette of distinct product sounds inspired by the natural vocalizations of birds and produced branded voice prompts for eight different markets in seven languages.

Jaybird Product Sonification

Jaybird Voice Branding

Jaybird X3 with app.jpg

Audiobrain cast, recorded, and produced voice over alerts for eight different markets in seven languages in addition to creating branded product sounds.

The voice branding initiative included:

  • Script Translation & Proofing

  • Localized Voice Casting & Recording

  • Editing & Mastering

  • Optimization & Implementation


Pulson_Comp Image_1.jpg

Audiobrain collaborated with Pulson on the product sounds and the design of the experience/UX integration for their revolutionary new fitness technology Counterpace, which aims to synchronize your gait with your cardiac cycle phase to improve your workout. Counterpace is the result of many years of medical research and design. This collaboration aligns with a central tenant of Audiobrain’s mission statement: “to embrace and advocate for the power of music and sound to promote well being.”  Audiobrain is keenly aware of the role music plays in enhancing workouts and worked closely with the Pulson research & design teams to create the best possible sonic experience for this new device.   


Audiobrain created three sound palettes for this initiative: Flow, Hale, and Quantize. Users can select the sound profile of their choice to guide workouts through audio cues, which help to synchronize heart and step rates for optimal exercise. Download the Counterpace application now and get the most out of your workouts!


Toshiba_System 7_image 1.jpg

Audiobrain collaborated with Toshiba in the creation of the new and improved sonic branding strategy and branded product sounds for this innovative system. The new Self-Checkout has received rave reviews since its debut at the 2019 NRF Conference in New York for its new design, improved UI/UX, and the new sonic experience. Retailers can tailor the new system to their specific in-store environments and the device has sparked huge interest among major retail and grocery stores around the world. Audiobrain’s carefully designed System 7 Product Sounds were developed over the course of many months and based on an in-depth competitive and market analysis, ensuring the best possible sonic experience for customers in any shopping environment. Learn more about the System 7 here.

Sample Product Sounds:


Whirlpool_transparent logo.png

Audiobrain has collaborated extensively with Whirlpool and KitchenAid to create sonic identities and branded product sounds. We developed the comprehensive audio strategies for both brands, which included the creation of many customized product sounds for a wide array of offerings.

Audiobrain worked closely with the Whirlpool Design Center to develop the audio language and product sonification for KitchenAid. Newer technologies allowed us to replace piezo buzzers with expressive polyphonic sounds for a more robust sonic experience. Audiobrain developed a unique and consistent audio strategy including a sonic logo with intuitive sounds that match the fullest technical capabilities of the KitchenAid brand and were evolved the audio to other touchpoints, including product sonification.

KitchenAid_transparent logo.png


Xbox 360

“When we set out to bring the Xbox360 to life by infusing a sonic landscape, we were not looking for a sound design company, we were looking for a group that lived sonic branding. Audiobrain is that company. They developed a sonic dialogue that completed our established design language.” - Microsoft Official Press Release

Official Xbox 360 Sound Logo:

This is the iconic Xbox sonic logo developed

Sonic Fingerprint in Co-branding: This illustrates the use of the Xbox 360 “sonic fingerprint” or icon, the short, ownable, identifiable Xbox “breath”.

NBC Sports and Olympics

Sunday Night Football - Manning vs. Manning Feature:


“The Great Race” Centerpiece Film Original Composition

Our original composition for the 30 minute centerpiece film telling the story of the epic race between Norway and Italy has garnered many awards. Here are some excerpts:

“The Great Race” Centerpiece Film:
"The Great Race" Music Excerpts:

Global Sonic Branding Initiative: UNIFY

Since 2012, Audiobrain has been collaborating with Unify, formerly Siemens Enterprise Communications, to develop a long-term, strategic, and intentional Sonic Branding initiative; in order to coincide with a global re-branding effort combined with an event launch. Since the start of the initiative, we were able to sonically articulate the brands' attributes, creating a consistent and identifiable brand sound across a multitude of platforms.

The initiative included a global sound logo, various length broadcast elements, room ambience, corporate videos, ringtones, a scored keynote speech for the Unify brand unveiling, and many other touchpoints. As a result, the creation of a seamless and consistent sonic experience of the Unify brand has been experienced throughout the world.

Unify Launch Ad:

Unify: A Brief History:

Unify Video Bookend Open:

Unify Official Sound Logo:

Unify Video Bookend Close:

Unify Audio Examples:

Sonic Branding: Major League Soccer

Sound Branding Strategy | Original Music Composition | Music Supervision | Ringtones | Retail

MLS Processional Anthem:

NYC FC vs Orlando City FC March 08, 2015. Check out the league’s two newest teams marching out to the MLS official processional anthem composed by Audiobrain.

Processional Anthem Choral Version:

The choral version of the theme is reserved for special moments during the year including the Championship match.

Video Background Score:

A short video example of cross-branding in which the theme is heard accompanying footage of players headed to the Olympic Games in Beijing.

Brand Positioning:

Deputy Commissioner of MLS Ivan Gazidis explains the importance of music in the league, and the process of developing the MLS theme with Audiobrain.

Processional Anthem Rock Version:

The rock version of the theme, featuring an electric guitar playing the melody, is used for on-air promos and bumpers as well as the on-air tag.

MLS Orchestral Recording Session:

Here’s a behind the scenes look at the making of the MLS Official Anthem, composed and arranged by Audiobrain, recorded in 2007 with an 88 piece orchestra in Prague, Czech Republic.

MLS Official Anthem and its variations are available as music downloads and ringtones on a variety of sources including iTunes and Amazon.

Audiobrain on iTunes: Click the button above!

Audiobrain on iTunes: Click the button above!

Sports Branding: New York Giants

Since 2010, Audiobrain has been in collaboration with the New York Football Giants to create the Official NY Giants Sonic Branding Initiative. After working with the Giants to define their core attributes, we began to develop clear, consistent, and ownable sound assets

New York Giants Anthem: In-Stadium Filmscore

By creating a branded initiative, these sonic assets, owned by the New York Giants, have now been leveraged to other media touchpoints.

Superbowl Ring Ceremony:

Superbowl Fan Thank You Promo:

Broadcast Package

Today, every New York Giants Broadcast vehicle utilizes a 120 piece broadcast music package. From background music to bumpers, stingers, and more - all custom branded assets composed and assembled by Audiobrain's creative team.

Opening Drive Live Montage:

Post Game Show Montage:

Sonic Logo: LifeLock

In 2013, Audiobrain collaborated with LifeLock in successfully creating a sonic logo and app notification to alert LifeLock users. Balanced with a sense of reality combined with reassurance, the LifeLock logo and alert features the sound of breaking glass in reverse, communicating that LifeLock is there to protect and restore against the realities of identity theft. The following assets show the final logo and notification, as well as exemplify its use in their campaign launch.

LifeLock Sonic Logo with Animation:

LifeLock Ad 60s:

Sonic Logo and Full Initiative: GlaxoSmithKline Panadol 


Audiobrain has collaborated with the Panadol team to create a complete global sound branding initiative including a wide range of sonic branding, marketing materials, interactive, and advertising.

Panadol: Official Sound Logo

Panadol “Friends” Ad:

A commercial for the Australian market using the Panadol “It’s My Choice” melody and ending with the logo.

Panadol “Organic Farmer” Ad:

Another Australian market ad with the melody and logo, but with a very different feel.

Interactive: Diner Dash

Diner Dash:

Audiobrain provided original music and sound design for the interactive video game, Diner Dash.

Experience Design and Original Composition:

Holland America Line & Seabourn cruise line

Seabourn: Original Composition


Adapting sound to the Environment: Sense Branding Pavilions. By using HSS speakers acoustical domes and sensors for audio adjustment, we dynamically controlled the audio system based on: the volume of ambient noise, number of people and room configurations. 

Retail Space: Sonic Experience Design

Refraction Demonstrations:

Original Composition: Bayer

Bayer: "Proof of Concept"


Interactive: Mission US 4

Mission US: City of Immigrants