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Music and sound have long provided an emotional connection to sports. It's why we sing and chant in stadiums. It unifies and inspires. Audiobrain's expertise in sports branding is unparalleled. From 9 Olympics with NBC, to leagues such as Major League Soccer, to teams such as the New York Giants, we provide a seamless brand sound that leverages to events, environment, advertising, ringtones, apps, and more to create a unique and authentic sonic experience. 

NBC Sports and Olympics

Sunday Night Football - Manning vs. Manning Feature:


“The Great Race” Centerpiece Film Original Composition

Our original composition for the 30 minute centerpiece film telling the story of the epic race between Norway and Italy has garnered many awards. Here are some excerpts:

“The Great Race” Centerpiece Film:
"The Great Race" Music Excerpts:

Sonic Branding: Major League Soccer

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Brand Positioning:

Deputy Commissioner of MLS Ivan Gazidis explains the importance of music in the league, and the process of developing the MLS theme with Audiobrain.

Processional Anthem Choral Version:

The choral version of the theme is reserved for special moments during the year including the Championship match.

Video Background Score:

A short video example of cross-branding in which the theme is heard accompanying footage of players headed to the Olympic Games in Beijing.

MLS Processional Anthem:

NYC FC vs Orlando City FC March 08, 2015. Check out the league’s two newest teams marching out to the MLS official processional anthem composed by Audiobrain.

Processional Anthem Rock Version:

The rock version of the theme, featuring an electric guitar playing the melody, is used for on-air promos and bumpers as well as the on-air tag.

MLS Orchestral Recording Session:

Here’s a behind the scenes look at the making of the MLS Official Anthem, composed and arranged by Audiobrain, recorded in 2007 with an 88 piece orchestra in Prague, Czech Republic.

MLS Official Anthem and its variations are available as music downloads and ringtones on a variety of sources including iTunes and Amazon.

Audiobrain on iTunes: Click the button above!

Audiobrain on iTunes: Click the button above!

Sports Branding: New York Giants

Since 2010, Audiobrain has been in collaboration with the New York Football Giants to create the Official NY Giants Sonic Branding Initiative. After working with the Giants to define their core attributes, we began to develop clear, consistent and ownable sound assets

New York Giants Anthem: In-Stadium Filmscore

By creating a branded initiative, these sonic assets, owned by the New York Giants, have now been leveraged to other media touchpoints

Superbowl Ring Ceremony:

Superbowl Fan Thank You Promo:

Broadcast Package

Today, every New York Giants Broadcast vehicle utilizes a 120 piece broadcast music package. From background music to bumpers stingers and more - all custom branded assets composed and assembled by Audiobrain's creative team.

Opening Drive Live Montage:

Post Game Show Montage: