product sonification

From prototype to finished product, we work with you from start to finish. We are actively involved in creative as well as technical issues, and will work on both sides to create the best and most authentic sounds for your product. From sound hierarchy to product testing, we will create a memorable and functional sound experience for your product.

Product Sonification: Microsoft Xbox360

“When we set out to bring the Xbox360 to life by infusing a sonic landscape, we were not looking for a sound design company, we were looking for a group that lived sonic branding. Audiobrain is that company. They developed a sonic dialogue that completed our established design language.” -Microsoft Official Press Release

Official Xbox 360 Sound Logo:
Sonic Fingerprint in Co-branding: This illustrates the use of the Xbox 360 “sonic fingerprint” or icon, the short, ownable, identifiable Xbox “breath”.

Logitech UE: Product Sonification

Virgin Mobile: Product Sonification