360° Sonic Branding

From sound logos to sound guidelines, from customer surveys to sound implementation, we can create a system that leverages your sound assets to create a seamless brand experience.


Audiobrain worked closely with the Whirlpool Design Center to develop the audio language and creative content for KitchenAid. Newer technology allowed us to replace piezo buzzers with expressive polyphonic sounds for a more robust sonic experience. Audiobrain developed a unique and consistent audio strategy with intuitive sounds that match the fullest technical capabilities of the KitchenAid brand. We created a sonic logo that articulates key elements of the KitchenAid brand, which was then evolved to other touchpoints, including on-brand, expressive, product sounds.

Whirlpool_transparent logo copy.png

KitchenAid_transparent logo.png

Global Sonic Branding Initiative: UNIFY

Since 2012, Audiobrain has been collaborating with Unify, formerly Siemens Enterprise Communications, to develop a long-term, strategic and intentional Sonic Branding initiative; in order to to coincide with a global re-branding effort combined with an event launch. Since the start of the initiative, we were able to sonically articulate the brands' attributes, creating a consistent and identifiable brand sound across a multitude of platforms.
The initiative included a global sound logo, various length broadcast elements, room ambience, corporate videos, ringtones, a scored keynote speech for the Unify brand unveiling, and many other touchpoints. As a result, the creation of a seamless and consistent sonic experience of the Unify brand has been experienced throughout the world. 

Unify Launch Ad:

Unify: A Brief History:

Unify Video Bookend Open:

Unify Official Sound Logo:

Unify Video Bookend Close:

Unify Audio Examples:

Sonic Logo and Full Initiative: GlaxoSmithKline Panadol 


Audiobrain has collaborated with the Panadol team to create a complete global sound branding initiative including a wide range of sonic branding, marketing materials, interactive, and advertising.

Panadol: Official Sound Logo

Panadol “Friends” Ad:

A commercial for the Australian market using the Panadol “It’s My Choice” melody and ending with the logo.

Panadol “Organic Farmer” Ad:

Another Australian market ad with the melody and logo, but with a very different feel.

Adapting sound to the Environment: Sense Branding Pavilions:

By using HSS speakers, acoustical domes, and sensors for audio adjustment, we dynamically controlled the audio system based on the volume of ambient noise, number of people, and room configurations. 




Sonic Logo: LifeLockIn 2013, Audiobrain collaborated with LifeLock in successfully creating a sonic logo and app notification to alert LifeLock users. Balanced with a sense of reality combined with reassurance, the LifeLock logo and alert features the sound of breaking glass in reverse communicating that LifeLock is there to protect and restore against the realities of identity theft. The following assets show the final logo and notification, as well as exemplify each use in their campaign launch.

LifeLock Sonic Logo with Animation:

LifeLock Ad 60s: