Audiobrain featured in september 2019 issue of the atlantic & The UK Times

Audiobrain is featured in a great article in the September 2019 issue of The Atlantic, along with our collaborators at the Whirlpool Corporation. The article, Why Washing Machines Are Learning to Play the Harp discusses the crafting of branded sounds for machinery, appliances and and highlights Audiobrain's recent sonic branding & product sonifications for both the Whirlpool and KitchenAid Brands. It also gives a nice historical perspective on the sounds of machines in general. Thank you to Laura Bliss from writing this timely, important piece and for shining a light on the value of intentional audio. The response has been huge, a great sign that “sound first” is truly front and center, and people do care about their sonic experiences. The article even prompted more press interest and another interview in The Times of London!

This truly was a massive Audiobrain team effort from all our composers and producers! Thank you to our colleagues at Whirlpool for joining the article with us, especially Brandon Satanek Global Senior Manager, Product and Digital UX/UI Design for leading these amazing projects, and we are looking forward to our continued collaboration!



NEW YORK, April 7, 2019 /PRNewswire - Emmy award winning sonic branding firm Audiobrain has partnered with FUSE to design the sonic identity for FUSE's annual conference. Audiobrain has been a sponsor of FUSE since 2011. This year's conference, "Brand, Design, & Business: A New Unity" will return to Chicago to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Bauhaus movement, which set the international standard for modern design with an emphasis on technical progress and social responsibility.

FUSE 2019 will feature presentations from executives at IBM, Facebook, Johnson & Johnson, Coca-Cola, and Target, and over 300 senior brand, design, and business leaders will attend. In addition to commemorating the beginning of the Bauhaus, FUSE will promote better dialogue between the business and design communities.

Prior to the conference, Audiobrain will lead a sonic branding workshop for the 2019 FUSE Scholars, Chicago high school students selected by FUSE and Project Osmosis – Chicago's leading design education organization, which "creates programs and initiatives that identify, develop, and support young people from minority communities with demonstrated abilities and skills in the applied arts." This sonic branding workshop is part of an overarching initiative organized in tandem with FUSE, Project Osmosis, and AIGA Chicago to make careers in design more accessible and inclusive to the next generation of designers.

Music education is an integral part of Audiobrain's mission. Audiobrain Founder and CEO, Audrey Arbeeny, teaches sonic branding at the Pratt Institute in addition to guest lecturing and mentoring graduate design students in the Masters in Branding program at SVA. Audrey stated, "We are so excited to be educating on sound branding with Project Osmosis. Most people do not realize just how many places a brand is heard, or what an impact sound has on visual design. It's a great opportunity to give back, and we'll have a hands-on workshop so the students can actually experience how we've crafted many of the world's iconic sonic identities."

In advance of the conference, Audrey was interviewed by Dan Madinabeita, Head of Brand and Design at Informa, on his podcast series FUSE Calls. In each episode of FUSE Calls, Dan speaks with "disruptive design and brand strategy leaders across the globe." In addition to discussing Audiobrain's partnership with FUSE and Project Osmosis, Dan and Audrey spoke about her background in music therapy, her study of psychoacoustics and biomusicology, her experience in helping shape narratives as a music supervisor for nine Olympic broadcasts on NBC, and why audio branding is more important than ever in a "sound-first era."

FUSE will be held from April 8th – 10th 2019 at Chicago's Radisson Blu Aqua Hotel.

About Audiobrain: 
NY-based Audiobrain are global leaders in sonic branding, experience design, voice branding, music supervision, and more. With over 20 years experience, Audiobrain has worked with brands such as Holland America Line, Google, Logitech, Kia Motors Corp, Whirlpool, Toshiba, the NY Giants plus many others. From research, strategy, music composition, design, and interactive, Audiobrain is a full-service, 360 degree audio branding specialty firm.

Read the full press release here.

it business net: fuse 2019 to partner with vernon lockhart, project osmosis and aiga chicago


FUSE 2019 Conference to Partner with Vernon Lockhart, Project Osmosis and AIGA Chicago to Boost Design Careers and Resource for Public School Systems. Audiobrain is proud to partner with FUSE and Project Osmosis at this year’s conference and to introduce design students to the art and science of sonic branding. Read the full article here.



Massive advances in voice-enabled technologies are fueling dramatic changes in the way people interact in the digital world. We are now in the VoiceFirst era, and it’s the perfect time to discuss the broader, extremely powerful landscape that voice is a part of: Sonic Branding. Read Audrey Arbeeny’s full article here.

audiobrain to provide music support services to nbc during its 2018 olympics coverage


Stamford, Conn. (PRWEB) February 23, 2018

NBC Olympics, a division of the NBC Sports Group, has selected Audiobrain to provide music support services for its production of the Games of the XXIII Olympic Winter Games, which take place in PyeongChang, South Korea, from February 8 – February 25. The announcement was made today by Mark Levy, Senior Vice President, Original Productions and Creative, NBC Sports Group, and Audrey Arbeeny, Founder and Executive Producer, Audiobrain. This will be the ninth Games that NBC has collaborated with Audiobrain.

Audiobrain’s system support role includes music search assistance, editing, as well as creative and technical support to NBC producers before, during, and after the Games.

“We use a multitude of music during the Games for our feature production, and we are always looking for variety of well composed pieces,” said Levy. “Audiobrain’s expertise in this area, combined with our exceptional internal NBC Music Services Group, helps us to provide our producers with the quantity and quality of musical choices that will allow us to deliver on all our initiatives during this intense production timeframe.”

“Since we have worked with NBC Olympics for many years, we have been able to evolve for the changing needs over time, as new media and extensive live broadcasting becomes increasingly more significant,” said Arbeeny. “We understand the producers and their needs very well. Since we specialize in sonic branding, we recognize the importance of ensuring that every sound enriches NBC’s coverage and audience experience. Along with NBC’s music team, we will have access to nearly 1.5 million music tracks from every genre, mood and culture. Events and stories will unfold quickly and in real time, and it is our job to be as prepared and responsive as possible for all of them”.

About NBC Olympics: 
A division of the NBC Sports Group, NBC Olympics is responsible for producing, programming and promoting NBCUniversal's Olympic coverage. It is renowned for its unsurpassed Olympic heritage, award-winning production, and ability to aggregate the largest audiences in U.S. television history.

For more information on NBC Olympics’ coverage of the PyeongChang Games, please visit:

About Audiobrain: 
Emmy™ award winning New York-based Audiobrain is recognized throughout the world as a leader in sonic branding and interactive audio. With expertise in original musical composition, technical consulting, interactive design, system development, branding, audio strategy, licensing and music supervision, Audiobrain specializes in multi-dimensional audio initiatives.

Read the full press release here



Adweek’s Katie Richards reports on the value of sonic branding in modern marketing. The use of branded audio to connect to consumers on an emotional level is increasingly important as voice-assisted technology continues to rise. Read the full article here.



TheStreet’s Joe Mont interviewed Audiobrain’s CEO and Executive Producer Audrey Arbeeny for his report, “Sonic Logos Now a ‘Sound’ Business Practice.” Read the full article here to learn more about audio branding and the value of music and sound in forming lasting emotional connections.




Variety’s David John Farinella discusses sonic branding with Audiobrain’s CEO and Executive Producer Audrey Arbeeny to learn more about the art, the company, and Audiobrain’s distinguished clients. Read the full article here.


FAST COMPANY: AUDIOBRAIN uses sound to help nbc orchestrate its olympic coverage into narrative storytelling

Fast Company_logo.jpg

Fast Company describes how Audiobrain’s Audrey Arbeeny and Michael Sweet apply the art and science of sonic branding to help NBC enhance its Olympic coverage. Read the full article here to learn more about Audiobrain’s award-winning work with NBC.

 Xbox 360’s “Sound” Strategy Produced by Audiobrain, NY Sonic-Branding Firm


For Immediate Release 10/10/05

New York, NY—

The carefully planned marketing strategy for Xbox 360™ video game

and entertainment system from Microsoft extends to every aspect of the system, from

design of the console down to the last rumble, swoosh, and shimmer—sounds composed

by Audiobrain, a New York-based sonic branding firm.

Russ Glaser, Xbox Group UI Design Manager says, "When we set out to bring the Xbox

360 to life by infusing a sonic landscape, we were not looking for a sound design

company, we were looking for a group that lived sonic branding. Audiobrain is that

company, they developed a sonic dialogue that completed our established design


“I don’t think people realize how much thought and effort goes into the creation of a

single sound,” explains Audrey Arbeeny, Partner and Executive Producer at Audiobrain,

who has produced many of the sounds that consumers absorb into there lives including

product sounds (IBM Thinkpad and Apple iDVD3 software), sound logos, atmospheric

sound and music mixes for television and live events like the Sydney Olympics. “We

worked very closely with the Xbox team to understand the Xbox 360 personality, the

desired user experience, and how each sound supports user interaction as they navigate

the Xbox 360’s outstanding offerings. When sound is used as a branding tool we can

significantly give voice and add equity. Mr. Glaser adds:” We pushed very hard on

Audiobrain to get the sonic mix just right. Audiobrain was relentless in pushing to hit and

surpass our requirements and vision. It was a great partnership"

More Than Background Noise

The Xbox 360 is described as a “living breathing entertainment system,” where the

duality of high architecture meets organic energy, reflection and refraction, cultural

diversity and human interaction. Orlena Yeung, Xbox Global Brand Marketing Manager

explains, “As we evolved the Xbox brand, we firmly had in mind to create a multisensory

interaction with the consumer. Working with Audiobrain, we successfully gave

the brand a new dimension through audio that we didn't have previously."

“Within our iterative design process we spent a lot of time interpreting this living,

breathing entertainment system and translating its brand identity through sound and

music,” explains Michael Sweet, Creative Director for Audiobrain.

The Xbox 360 incorporates sound from the moment you start up the system. The startup,

created with several layers of clear and consistent sound design, both organic and

architectural in nature, starts with a rumble representing the enormous size of the world

appearing over the horizon, then a swoosh for the energy and a shimmer with lower

sounds colliding at the visual impact and form the ‘X’ in the world, creating the sense of

duality and searing, impactful energy. This level of thought and sound blending can be

heard through every function of the system.

In addition to the full Xbox 360 product “sonification,” Audiobrain also created branded

soundscapes for both the MTV Reveal Telecast and the Xbox 360 E3 Briefing Event at

the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, both in May, 2005. Additionally, Audiobrain

created a Dolby 5.1 surround sound mix for use in movie theatres and other venues. By

leveraging the extension of the tone and feel of the Xbox 360’s sonic personality, the

branding goes well beyond the actual game system, enabling the audience to experience

the brand in many different environments.

For more information on the “Sound” Marketing Behind the Xbox360 (due out this

November), or to experience the branding sounds in an audio CD or mp3 contact

Audiobrain at 212-242-9100.

Xbox, Xbox 360, and Xbox Live are either registered trademarks or trademarks of

Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.