voice branding

Often an overlooked touchpoint, the voice that represents your brand is as important as your other music and sound. Audiobrain's expertise in voice branding is heard in some of the worlds top brands. We apply the same sonic branding criteria to voice selection, as well as translations, localization of talent and, for products, technical implementation.



Audiobrain worked closely with Jaybird to develop branded sonic assets for their innovative line of wireless headphones, including unique product sounds and branded voice prompts.

Voice Branding & Localization

Audiobrain managed all aspects of the voice branding process in eight global markets with seven different languages. This included:

  • Script Translation & Proofing

  • Voice Casting & Recording

  • Editing & Mastering

  • Optimization & Implementation

Colt: Voice Branding

Voice Branding and Localization:

Voice branding examples for 40% battery charge.